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Do you want to know how ancient Japanese people created a special moment so you can do it too? How powerful, tranquil, and beautiful it is to experience such moment. I want to help you be inspirited.

Moonrise Events
Cultural Heritage Event

A special moment, connecting to Nature, sense of self and community through Japanese culture

Matcha Love Workshop

Sharing wonders of matcha so you will grow to love

Calligraphy Fun & Tea

Transported into a beautiful and seemingly timeless meditation

New Moon and Full Moon

Have you ever made a wish on new moon?    In four series of short videos, I want to share… Read More

Oneness Meditation

Breath slowly,  and can you experience being small white pebbles in the rock garden in Kyoto, Japan? [video width="960" height="540"… Read More

Just for today, don’t be angry… – Reiki

"Just for today, don't be angry.  Don't worry.   Be thankful and do something meaningful.   Be kind."  This is a powerful… Read More