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I experienced a calm and healing aspect of Japanese culture. How powerful, tranquil, and beautiful it was to experience such a special moment. Then, Yutaka Art of Healing was born with the mission of promoting good health and growth through Japanese art, ancient knowledge, and Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, Shojin monk living and cooking, Ikebana flower arrangement, calligraphy and Feng Shui. Many forms of Japanese traditions balance and restore "Ki" energy back to our body. Yutaka Art of healing focuses its efforts in providing the service and tools related to ancient Japanese healing, educating and sharing ancient knowledge in order to heal ourselves and others, and doing events to connect people to the healing element of "Ki" from the Mother Nature.

Japanese Culture Experience & Service
Japanese Healing – Reiki and more

Japanese Healing includes Japanese non insertion acupuncture needles, crystal, Reiki, and energy healing depending on the needs of a client.

Feng Shui & Space Cleansing

Ancient people knew Feng Shui and energy space cleansing is effective.  Learn and rearrange the energy “Ki” of a space.


Tea Ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony was developed 400 years ago.  Every movement in the tea ceremony has a meaning.

New Moon and Full Moon

Have you ever made a wish on new moon?    In four series of short videos, I want to share… Read More

Oneness Meditation

Breath slowly,  and can you experience being small white pebbles in the rock garden in Kyoto, Japan? [video width="960" height="540"… Read More

Just for today, don’t be angry… – Reiki

"Just for today, don't be angry.  Don't worry.   Be thankful and do something meaningful.   Be kind."  This is a powerful… Read More

Workshops, Certification Programs, and Events
Reiki Master Certification Programs
Energy Healing
Energy Healing – Reiki Level I, II, and III
Self-healing Workshop

Reiki and more Japanese energy healing workshop

Art of Tea Workshop

Traditional Matcha Workshop, History, Experience Talks, and more