Have you ever made a wish on new moon?    In four series of short videos, I want to share what I do on new moon, full moon, using the moon calendar, so you can try it too.  🙂

How I started moon gazing and painted my art

Several years ago, there was a lunar eclipse and I sneaked out in the middle of the night and hiked to watch it.   It meant a lot to me because back then, I was in the situation where there were so many rules that I had to follow and constantly getting yelled, and that day watching the red moon, I released all of  negative energy and my attachment to certain things that no longer serving any purpose in my life. Ever since that day, I have changed. I painted the night and how it meant to me.  

What is new moon? 

Actually, it is not just me who releases something that is no longer working in life on the day of full moon.   Many people believe in living in natural cycles of Universe can help us be in an abundant flow of energy, just like how ancient people lived their life.  New moon is when the moon is between Sun and earth, so dark side of moon is facing the earth, which means we can not see the beautiful glowing moon although it is there.  


What I do on new moon

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(Moon Video #3 of 4) On the day of new moon, you can set an intention.  Setting an intention is like making a wish and believing it will come true and it is already coming true.  That is why it’s important to say something like “I now have (Insert whatever you want to have here)” instead of saying “I wish I could have…” or “I hope I can do this..” Your mind needs to experience having something you want first, and then your body will experience a sensation, and send signal back to you brain how much body is liking it.  That is who you manifest and change reality.  Next video is about full moon.  If you are interested in the moon calendar that I’m using, click the link in my instagram profile. 新月の日に目標をあたかも達成したように月の下で話すと、その願いが本当に叶うんです!っというお話をビデオで紹介しています。次のビデオで満月のお話をさせてもらいます。#manifest #moonmeditation #meditationart #oneness#ilovemeditation #lunarchronicles #lunar#japanesetraditional #japanesegirl#nightsky #intentions #wishcometrue #fullmoon #newmoon #moonrituals

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On the day of new moon, I set an intention on new moon that is a beginning of the 29.5 days moon cycle. I go outside at night and do deep breathing a few times and set my intentions.  It’s similar to making a wish and believe it will happen and it is happening already. I want Universe and my brain to hear what I want. For example, I say “I now use ancient divination knowledge and help people pass thru hard time wisely”   It is very powerful to say what you want, and it will happen. New moon is a great day to set an intention.

What I do on full moon using moon calendar 

Moon goes around the earth and it takes 29.5 days.  Around two weeks after new moon, full moon takes place.   You can see the glowing moon, reflecting the light from the Sun. On the day of full moon, I go outside again, and let go of something that is no longer working out for me, and continue to manifest what I put intentions earlier. In the  example of divination, I say “I release my ego of wanting people to see how my divination can actually help them.” “I release my fear of being categorized as odd by studying ancient divination every day.”   Then I work diligently to manifest for next two weeks and New moon comes again. This is the cycle of Universe. Full moon has an effect of cleansing so I also cleanse my crystals on full moon. I had a client who wanted me to do divination for her husband’s work and she came back and ask for her own situation and we had a reading together. I believe this is a reason why ancient people lived by following the cycle of Universe. Sometimes, it does not make sense logically at first but it is easier to experience it.   Set an intention on new moon, and manifest and let go of something that is not working out on full moon. Try it.

In our busy days, it can be a bit tricky to know the cycle of moon.   You can of course google it to see when it is a full moon, etc. But I thought, It will be very beautiful to have an art and moon calendar together.   So I made a limited edition of moon calendar for 2019. I signed each one of them. You can see new moon starts in January 5, working it’s way up to the full moon on January 20, and going back to the new moon on Feb 4.   You can also see when is the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. The original red moon art was sold to a famous filmmaker during my solo art exhibition. I put a lot of peaceful vibration in this art. You can see fractions of crystals such as moldavite, selenite, and amethist.  My wish is you put this calendar in your room where you see more often than weekly. Maybe, your desk, and start checking the moon cycle and manifest in life. I also thought it is a beautiful christmas gift so you can share the cycle of universe with someone who needs it.

If you are interested, please check my limited edition art moon calendar here:









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