I am always humbled that my art sells well at multiple galleries.

It’s been a joy to create a theme of a show and meet local art collectors.   While it is a wonderful experience as an artist to sell art in gallery, I have thought that I want to share my art more online.   I want to use my art to share lifestyle that I believe:  Art and healing through Japanese culture.

I started by making a moon calendar using one of my very personal art.  Red moon.  The original art was sold during a solo exhibition in Boulder, Colorado. I wanted to use this art as a background of the moon calendar because I put lots of healing energy and hopes in that art.

Moon Calendar:  Original Art by Yutaka Ai 

The limited edition art including the moon calendar is available to purchase here:


I then created greeting card to inspire people to live spiritually.   There is a special message in each card.   I wished that someone will come across this calendar and messages and make a small change in life.   A small change will lead to calm and peaceful routines.

I hope my message reaches you soon.


Yutaka Ai

Pre-matted Art 


coming soon…


Best Organic Matcha:  Original Art by Yutaka Ai 

I also want to talk about Matcha because I sell matcha with my art. Let me share how I started Matcha journey and a search for a good organic matcha.

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I didn’t know how to take care of myself. I was working so hard as a software engineer under tremendous stress making lots of money a girl could ask for in a foreign country. I was getting sick with fever every other month. I started to think I was physically inferior. One day, I was drinking matcha in a traditional Japanese tea room staring at outside and lost my train of busy thoughts. I was in this calm and peaceful realm. I wanted to visit the realm more often and started to make matcha every morning at home instead of waiting for an occasion to make tea. Then something happened. I stopped getting sick. It was like a miracle to me. Ever since that day, I have been drinking matcha everyday. Then an idea was born inside of me that I should share matcha with more people. Matcha gave me an idea that I should care for myself and there is a big world out there to experience. Many years later, I quit my software engineering job. Are you caring for yourself? Are you putting lots of love in your drink? If you often get sick, you should try matcha. Everyday 💜💜 ちょっと昔の話になりますが、本当に自分のことを大事にしていない時期がありました。闇雲にとにかく働いて、SEの世界で上を目指し勝ち進むこと生き残ることだけ。外国で男性の業界でどんどん上に行きました。毎日争い、本当によく風邪ひきました。そんなある日お茶室でぼーと外を眺めながら、とても静かで平和な場所に行きつけた気がしました。それから、その感覚を求めて毎朝お茶を点てるようになりました。気がついたら風邪ひかなくなっていました。それが嬉しくて嬉しくて。その頃からお抹茶を知らない人に紹介したいと考えるようになりました。お茶が自分をもっと大切にしなさいと教えてくれた気がします。そして数年後に夢を追って転職しました。皆さん、美味しいお茶を自分の為に入れて飲んでますか? #healingquotes #matcha #matchalove#mydrink #japanesetea#teaware#hot#japanesefood#japaneseculture#pink#kimonolove #healinghands #yingyang #japanesetradition#artishealing #mytea #matchaaddict #holistichealing #ritual #coffeeshop #teahouse

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(continuing from my previous post) I wanted to drink Matcha everyday so started a search of good matcha, living in Los Angeles.  I now live in Boulder, Colorado.  I ordered more than a dozen of matcha on Amazon.  I bought almost all matcha I could find in Japanese grocery stores.  Most of them had weird yellowish green colors instead of deep green.  It tasted bitter.  Then I started to wonder what is going on?  Are most people in U.S really drinking this?  Are these companies who sell matcha really drinking their own matcha?  Meanwhile I continued to buy insane amount of Matcha whenever I go back to Japan so I can drink good matcha in U.S.  My curiosity got me connected to many Matcha companies and farmers in Japan and learned the difficulty of exporting good matcha and grade of matcha that leaves Japan, etc.  I also learned that it’s very difficult to make organic matcha which tastes good.  Many fertilizers are not categorized as organic.  It takes time and money to be certified as organic.  I’m very sensitive to what I eat.  I only buy organic food.  I’m vegan and Macrobiotic lifestyle, and it is important for me to continue to eat good organic food, so my journey of finding a good organic matcha started.  I eventually created connections to get hold of all organic matcha directly from Japan and I tested them all.  I felt the matcha girl’s dream come true moment, and I found one that i want to drink every day.  I have five bags of tea from Japan if you are interested. アメリカで買える抹茶のレベルが低いこと。低いこと。なんでこんな不味い抹茶しかないんでしょうと思ったのが始まりでした。日本のお茶屋さんや農家さん、業者さんとだんだんとお話するようになり、日本から輸出されるグレードや、難点などが分かるようになってきました。そして、有機のお抹茶は、有機ではないお茶に比べて味がいまいちなこと。考えてみれば、お茶会で出されるお茶が有機なことはまずないですね。でも私は有機の物をなるべく食べる努力をしています。お肉、魚、卵、乳製品も取りません。有機の精進料理を作ります。それから有機の美味しいお抹茶探しが始まりました。業者さんの助けもあり、日本で売ってる有機のお抹茶を10種類以上、一気に味比べできる機会に恵まれました。そして、とことん、比べました。毎日飲む抹茶に安心感を求めたいから。#organic #organicmatcha #matchagreentea #greentea#search#wholefood #holistic#pursue #ritual #teahouse#teaware#hot#japan #japanesefood #matcharecipes #bestisbest #balancedlife

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Here’s my art and matcha available here: