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Japanese tea ceremony was developed around 400 years ago to appreciate the present moment with guests. In a small tea room, we arrange Ikebana flower, and place Zen calligraphy words to set a theme of gathering. While everything changes in the world, there is a peaceful moment, looking inward to self, connecting to Nature, and being thankful for the moment. I have experienced this special moment over and over with people of different ages, backgrounds, personal believes, and locations.

Welcome to Be Shun An 別春庵. (I hope I have a chance to tell you how I received this name from the tea and traditional painting master in Japan.)   Please allow me to be your host, to experience a small journey of Spring time here on the website.

Welcoming yang energy in Spring...
Looking inward…

Be compassionate with perfectly imperfect self. Enjoy matcha and traditional sweets.

Calm attentiveness

Calm attentiveness is reached by the simple motion of preparing and drinking tea.

Ancient Wisdom

A flow of ancient wisdom to experience during a gathering.

Ikebana flower arrangement

Subtle flower arrangement is to experience Wabi Sabi beauty in something small, connecting to Nature.

Zen calligraphy

“Haru Sui Shi Sawa Mitsuru” means frozen water is melted in Spring, flowing into all streams.

Present moment

Present moment created with people around you.  Each one of us is entitled to experience the moment fully.