You can make the home tea experience special without having a dedicated tea room.   I make tea for my family and friends in both Japan and U.S casually by following these tips.

First, Clean up the table and area around the table.   Make sure to put away computer and cell phone, too. 🙂

Then, Pick a flower or something green outside and make a small flower arrangement on the table.    My flower arrangement teacher once said to me that western flower arrangement is to put more beautiful flowers in vase, and Japanese flower arrangement is to take away flowers as much as possible.   From my experience, I keep three stems usually, and I prefer something subtle in the small base.

When I whisk my Matcha tea, I smile and wish my tea to be tasty for my guest.  If you are brewing green tea, you can wish the same.   Serve tea with something sweet.   Original Matcha is not sweeten and we drink it right after eating something sweets.

More than I imagine, many people find it very special that I make tea for them, and we tend to have special conversation over tea.   Let me know, if these tips are helpful to make some tea for you and your friends.   🙂

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