I visited Zadik Zadikian, Los Angeles based artist to have Chanoyu tea experience together.   His sculptures are very powerful, and he often uses real gold in his art.

I really liked Zadik’s sunrise (the picture of sunrise is below) so we decided to have tea in front of it.

Thanks to the photographer, Corey Burns, we got our pictures taken.

Zadik told me how he moved from Russia to New York to pursue his art freely, how he made the entire room with gold, and he lived in it.  He said he felt peaceful inside of the gold room, even when outside is chaos in New York.

I wonder if this is similar to why Hideyoshi Toyotomi, made the golden tea room back in 1586 in Japan.   I think Zadik was interested to hear Japanese Shogun, the most powerful man in Japan at the time, thought of making the golden tea house.

He asked me about the tea bowl I was using so I explained the bowl is called “Zen”   The Japanese award winning artisan,  sekisannjin, made the bowl out of rock.   He shaped it by hitting 40,000 times with his tool, and he thought the action resembles what “Zen” monk performs.

What a special Chanoyu tea time with Zadik.




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