March 3 is the Japanese Girls Day.   This day is to wish girls to grow healthy.  We start decorating home with traditional Japanese dolls in February.  This year, I arranged the traditional girl’s doll that my mom made it for my daughter.

Japanese Girl Doll

I also brought out the dolls that my grand father gave me.

Ohinasama - Japanese doll

The pair of dolls with Price and Princess as shown in the picture above are more common for the Girls Day celebration.   To me, the girls day celebration is to think about my family who wished well for me every year when I was young, and share the same good thoughts with younger girls in the family.

I picked Hoji-cha today.  Hoji-cha is made by taking green tea leafs and roasting them so it turns brown.  The toasty scent of the tea brings me back some old memories.  It has less caffeine than green tea and good for children and elderly to drink at night, too.  Tea is from Birouen.  They are very passionate about their tea and very kind to share knowledges, too.

I hope you can gather around and  have some tea with your friends or family wishing girls to grow up healthy.









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