Japanese has its own way of old school teaching and learning, especially when it comes to the tradition.   Learning Chanoyu is definitely in the category.    The first step is to find a tea master/teacher, and the second step is to observe.   Just observe and don’t ask too many questions…    When I started learning Chanoyu, for the first six months, my teacher just wanted me to observe and not make tea.    I observed, observed, and observed every week.   I’m a fast learner, and all about hands-on experiences when I learn something so I was not sure if I can enjoy six month of no hands-on…  First month, I was a bit egoistic thinking I can make tea already, but of course I didn’t tell my tea master that.  After I passed the egoistic first month, I was not worried about making tea.  I simply enjoyed observing and being around the tea master and          b  tea sisters in the tea family.   Fifth or Sixth month, when my tea master asked me to make a bowl of tea, I have memorized every step by observing half a year.  🙂

The third step is to mimic.  Mimic any beautiful strokes, preparation steps, pouring water that you observed.

I made the video below so you can observe how to prepare Matcha.



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