Have you walked into a room where you felt something about the room is so peaceful and comfortable.   or you felt something is weird and you want to get out of there?   Ancient people knew the atmosphere influences people greatly and Feng Shui and energy cleansing is effective.

I want to share what I did in a medical practitioner’s room.   He was moving into a room where a previous acupuncturist treated patients, and was also used by other practitioners temporarily. The room had a bit of confused energy or “Ki”.

I went into the room first and identified the Zazen, the main Feng Shui direction of the room, so Feng Shui recommendations can be made.   I explained basic Feng Shui theory and we started moving furniture around and recommended removing certain items and adding a few others.  For example, get rid of the purple plastic plant pot which brings bad “fire” element and add a white ceramic pot which balances the “fire” energy in the room.

Feng Shui is so deep if you start analyzing the outside of the house, how the house is built, but you can also focus on what you can change – Inside of the house/room/office.   Inside of the room, it is mostly about removing something that is producing the bad energy “Ki” and rearranging what’s already there using ancient knowledge.   You will be amazed how much difference it makes.   Additionally, small items can be bought into a room to balance the energy “Ki”.   Below is the Feng Shui and Energy healing report that I sent after our session together.  I hope this inspires you to do Feng Shui arrangement in your home and bring harmony into your space.  🙂

Your Office Characteristics and Feng Shui Recommendation
Zazan (Main Feng Shui Direction):  South
South direction is Fire, representing intelligence and beauty.  It’s also effective to improve your intuition.   “Ki” will improve by avoiding plastic which brings the bad fire, and including wooden items.   So I asked you to change the purple plastic plant pot to a white ceramic one. Ceramics represents the Earth element and it balances the fire element. I would also include another ceramics in the office so bringing in the bamboo with ceramic pot was great!   It’s called Youseki to put the large crystal in this direction to prevent the bad “KI” generated in the space.  Bad “KI” can be generated by a client with issues or having arguments .  So it’s effective to have your crystal in the corner we moved in to.
Feng Shui breaks four directions (North, South, East, West) into 24 directions.  your office is “HINOESAN” which is toward east side of the South.   This direction has characteristics of honor and sophistication.   You want to avoid having cheap or meaningless objects that you don’t care for.   I really like the carved wood plate you have there.   This also explains the reason of removing plastic goods and someone else’s furnitures that do not fit well in your office.
In your office, your client lays down on the massage/treatment table.   There are several things that you want to avoid.  You want to avoid the client’s head facing south as it creates irritation due to the Fire element.   The north direction is the best in Feng Shui, but based on your office space, East direction is wonderful.  It bring the rising “Ki” as its direction of the sun rising.    You want to avoid the mirror facing at a client as it will bring down “Ki”.   People take in “Ki” while laying down so it’s recommended to have a plant, and hide clutter on shelf with the closed door.
If you want a metal element, I would buy a small trash box made out of stainless with a lid.    It’s better than plastic.
Avoid objects which represent death in Feng Shui such as fur, leather, dry flower, etc. I would also avoid black furniture as your office does not have windows on both side to get fresh air.
To welcome good “Ki” in your space: 
Good “Ki”, also known as “OKI” comes from the door so placing short furniture around the door, and tall furniture on opposite side.   I like that we moved the short cabinet on the left side of the door, and placed the small bamboo there.   I also like moving the tall mirror in the direction that is not directing to the person coming in the door.   Mirror or picture of a human face, in general, should not be directed at the door, which prevents “Ki” from coming in.  The mirror should reflect a good element such as plant so I like that your mirror now reflects the plant and crystal.   “Ki” is also improved in the space by not crowding the four corners of the space, so we made one corner of your office open.
Color Consideration: 
Your Feng Shui direction, on the window side is good for pastel yellow, light mint green, white, and beige.  In thinking of buying a comfortable chair, window items such as curtains, I would keep that in mind.
Art on the wall: 
I would recommend you to get the art/picture of nature like mountain, tree, etc on the east side of the wall.   The direction represents the element of Wood, and it supports the work element of life and athletic ability, and staying young.   So it is perfect for you to pick the kind of art you relate to.   Let me know if you need help finding one.   North side of the wall represents the water element, so I’m glad that we moved the picture of water there.
Energy Cleansing: 
I also used KOTODAMA – ancient Japanese powerful words, to cleanse each direction of your office and balanced your energy.
I believe the atmosphere greatly influences us and I’m sincerely wishing your office will bring in the balanced energy to you and your clients.


Feng Shui Space Cleansing Service: 

Skype or Video Consultation  $44 / half hour, $77/ hour

Onsite Consultation  $77/ hour

Email yutaka.ai.art@gmail.com or call 213-218-7362 for an appointment.

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