Japanese Tea ceremony was developed in the 16th century and the tradition was passed down from generation to generation in Japan.

Sen-no-rikyu was the most charismatic tea master who produced a small rustic tea room over 400 years ago.  He included Zen calligraphy to establish the theme of the tea ceremony, Ikebana flower arrangement to experience nature,  incense, and created the precious one-in-a-life-time moment to serve a bowl of Matcha tea.

I want to share how I prepare for the tea ceremony so you can feel the spirit of tea ceremony.

To serve a perfect bowl of Matcha tea, I have done intensive research on the organic Matcha tea market in Japan, and selected the best one for taste and aroma.


The tea ceremony’s theme is “Taki” which means waterfall.   Japanese calligraphy was prepared for “Taki” – waterfall with a poem.   Water does not have shape and does not try to compete to go faster, however; it has the strength to break the rocks.

A small wild flower was picked and arranged into Ikebana.

Aroma of Incense welcomes guests.   I have prepared traditional confectionary using organic baby lima beans.   Many guests told me that they have never tasted anything like this, and it goes so well with Matcha.

Water is carefully examined, and boiled in the kettle.  I  tested many different kids of water by calculating the hardness of water and comparing the taste after making matcha.

Every movement in tea ceremony has meaning and beauty.

I put lots of love and healing intention into preparing matcha for a guest.  I have noticed that people can tell when a drink is prepared with loving care.

During the official tea ceremony, it is a quiet environment.   When I hand over the tea, I silently wish for happiness to a guest.


How to make good matcha

When I first came to U.S. I bought so many different kids of Matcha online and local store and wondered why the quality of matcha is so low in U.S.  I started the mission of searching the best organic matcha that I can drink every day and use it at my event.   After trying 30+ different kids, I found one.  It’s directly imported from Japan.  Many people started asking me where I get my matcha, so I started having extra stock with me.

Would you like to taste this organic Matcha that I chose?   I name it “Moonrise Matcha” and made the package using my art.   With this matcha, I want you to create a special moment in life.





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