“Just for today, don’t be angry.  Don’t worry.   Be thankful and do something meaningful.   Be kind.”  This is a powerful mantra.  I was getting frustrated this morning, trying to set up an email subscription pop-up box for my website and started to experience being angry, and stopped myself and said “Just for today, don’t be angry”.   Then, I calmed down.

This mantra was said by Mikao Usui, the most powerful shaman in 19th century in Japan.   After fasting for 21 days on the mountain of Kyoto, Japan, he realized an ultimate healing method to draw “Ki” healing energy from Universe and pass it to others.   He also developed a way to teach how to do this healing easily, and the method to train a healer.   He drew symbols to strength energy with specific intentions.   He named it “Reiki”

How I learned Reiki Energy

One day, I met the acupuncturist who healed many.   I wanted to learn from him so I can include the healing element in my painting.  I wished people would be healed by looking at my paintings.  While I was learning from him, it was very clear to me that he valued Reiki the most to heal his patients.   He had a mystical presence.   Many good things started to happen around me by following Reiki energy.   I started to share energy to people and explore how it impacts people’s health and growth.   Energy is in my art, tea and food that I prepared, and every interaction I have with people, objects, and nature.

Why you might want to know more about Reiki

Reiki is energy from Universe.   I have met many shamans and leaders in different cultures and they are all guided by something they can not see – energy.   Different cultures have different names but it is energy from Universe.  There are also many other Japanese modalities and ancient knowledge which use energy to heal people.    When you notice “Ki” energy and apply to your daily life, things start to go smoothy.   I experienced it and I would not go back to the way I used to live.  I am happier.  My food tastes better.   I’m keeping up good health and growth in life.

What can you do now to experience Reiki energy? 

Energy is everywhere and you can experience it.  Other than trying to learn though workshops and certification programs, You can do a quick exercise now.  Close your eyes.   Tell yourself  “Just for today, don’t be angry.  Don’t worry.   Be thankful and do something meaningful.   Be kind.” and do a deep breathing five times.   Tell yourself  “I can feel energy from Universe” and feel it in your skin and body.   It’s also effective to do this exercise when you wake up in bed.


Why is Reiki known in U.S. and other countries?  

Reiki may be one of most famous Japanese words in the world, next to Sushi and Matcha.   Usui trained around 2,000 students in Japan in 19th century.  One of them was Chujiro Hayashi who became the second generation grand master of Reiki, and one of Chujiro’s student was Ms. Hawayo Takata who lived in Hawaii as Japanese American.   She was fascinated how she was healed in the Chujiro’s clinic and decided to stay in his clinic to learn.  Then, she went back to Hawaii and spread the love of Reiki in the world.   Unlike other modalities, Reiki was relatively easy for anyone to experience.   Ms. Takata wanted patients to become a healer so she taught many how to do self healing.   Healing energy does not get generated within individual, and it comes from Universe.

Any difference between Japanese Reiki and Reiki that is spread in the world?  

I have talked to many Reiki practitioners in Japan and other countries and asked them lots of questions.   I also read so many Reiki books in both Japanese and English.  For anything I learn, I want to go back to source and I want to see how people are using it currently.    I realized that many detail techniques are not taught in the world Reiki.    I’m going to call Reiki taught outside of Japan as world Reiki.   In the world Reiki, hand positions are more valued than other techniques taught in Japanese Reiki.  I believe that was Ms. Takata’s intentions as I didn’t see certain methods in her original teaching materials.    Japanese Reiki practitioners seem more obedient to Mikao Usui’s original teachings and methods such as blood circulating methods, Hibiki, aura cleansing, etc.  In the world Reiki, Non-reiki concepts are often mixed in teachings such as Chakra, Crystal, Kundalini, etc. Book authors or bloggers more openly share Reiki symbols to public.   They often reference tibet with Reiki.   Having said that, Reiki is energy from Universe.   How effective Reiki mostly depends on the practitioner regardless of different methods.      How much a practitioner experiences oneness with Nature?  How must a practitioner remove his or her ego to heal others?    How is a practitioner truly following “Just for today, don’t be angry.  Don’t worry.   Be thankful and do something meaningful.   Be kind.”

How can we help each other? 

I’m very interested in impacting the good health and growth of people.   Email me at yutaka.ai.art@gmail.com and share how you are doing.  How you are not being angry just for today.   If you are interested in Reiki, please check out workshop.  I’m certified to teach traditional courses but I’m also interested in sharing knowledge in different ways.


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