Breath slowly,  and can you experience being small white pebbles in the rock garden in Kyoto, Japan?

Ryoanji Template, Kyoto, Japan

Feel the calmness of Ryoanji temple.   The rock garden was built in 16th century.   It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Kyoto, Japan, and my favorite garden of all.   There are fifteen large rocks carefully placed in the perfect-imperfect way.    You and I can not see fifteen rocks together.   One or two rocks are always hidden behind other rocks from any directions.    Because you can not see them, you need to feel them.

Oneness Meditation Experience 

This reminds me of an oneness meditation that I practiced with Sensei.    Many people talk about oneness and I imagined when I reach oneness, I wold feel that everything is flat and I am “it”.    I practiced by experiencing being an object, like a chair.   I’m the chair and have arms and legs and someone is sitting on me.  I felt the gentle weight on me.   Next, I experienced being a person who is sitting on the chair.   I felt the tension in the person’s back and upper body is a bit tight compared to my own body feels.    As I practiced more and more, I realized that oneness is not flat and I am not “it”.    It feels more like I’m everywhere as a chair, as another person.   I wish you try experiencing as someone else or something else.

Try experiencing being white pebbles 

As white pebbles, you can lay down calmly.   There are fifteen rocks on your body.   Smell the air and trees around you.  I feel so peaceful being white pebbles there.

Oneness and healing 

A healer is a healer because he or she can bring oneness to a patient.    Practicing oneness can help you heal yourself and others.


This is one of my painting expressing oneness.

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