Is Japanese Culture event/workshop for you?

  • Are you looking for an interactive event with touch, smell, taste, and visually inspiring?
  • Are your interested in experiencing authentic Japanese culture and art?
  • Are you interested in learning new ways to be more healthy?    

What Participants are saying about this event:  

“The best program we’ve had at Balfour!” – Marnie Park at Balfour Riverfront

“You will be impressed at the depth of understanding of Ai’s Japanese culture and history. I learned something new, and I felt transported into a beautiful and seemingly timeless meditation.” – Elizabeth W at The Collective Art Center in Boulder



Moonrise Tea Ceremony event provides participants with:

  • Experience of authentic Japanese tea ceremony with the theme of Zen words so participants are inspired to connect to Nature.  
  • Joy of tasting organic matcha and sweets in the bowl handmade and directly imported from Japan.
  • Educational talks on Japanese culture, art, history, and values.
  • A special moment to feel the sense of self and community, and tips to recreate a moment.
  • Ikebana flower arrangement which expresses the beauty in Wabi-sabi style.
  • A meditative moment viewing or experiencing Japanese calligraphy
  • Wabi balance breathing method and health benefits of Matcha.

Sample Event Flyer


Yutaka Ai shares Wabi Balance, the ancient Japanese wisdom, to create a special moment together in various events and workshops.  

Event Details

Japanese tea ceremony was developed 400 years ago to welcome guests to Zen-like atmosphere and enjoy time together.  (1) All level includes tea ceremony by serving premium organic matcha and traditional sweets to guests, and the display of calligraphy and flower arrangement, by respecting the tradition of tea ceremony.   (2) Level 2 includes in depth calligraphy explanation, demonstration, and open tables for participants to try. (3) Level 3 includes everything in level 1 and 2, and demonstration of Ikebana flower arrangement and explanation of webi sabi beauty in depth.   (4) Level 4 includes everything on level 1, 2, and 3, and in depth hands on experience for residents on tea, calligraphy, and flower arrangement, and closing tea ceremony, along with resident’s art exhibition of calligraphy and Ikebana flower arrangement. Yutaka would be spending time coaching residents to experience the excitement of an art exhibition.   



Event Collaboration Reference

Balfour Senior Living

“We are so happy with the outcome of this event!  You’ll be the talk of Balfour for a long time!“

Two Hands Paperie

“We feel honored to host Yutaka Ai, an established Japanese artist, calligrapher, and tea practitioner. Ai, who comes to class in her grandmother’s kimono, strives to create an authentic cultural experience for students. She begins by pouring organic Japanese matcha tea and sharing traditional confections to establish an atmosphere of Zen-like, calm attentiveness.”


The Collective – Community Art Center by City of Lafayette

“To Japan with Love, Ai” –  This event had an absolutely incredible turnout with an averaged attendance of 58 people!  Ai, you are an amazing artist and individual. It has been such an honor to work with you and I hope we can do it again in the future. Your name suits you so well and I will work with you anytime anywhere. You are the ever professional!”  


Contact Information

Yutaka Ai



Mobile Phone: (213)218-7362



If you feel you/your organization and I are a good fit to experience a special moment through Japanese culture and art, please contact me at or (213) 218-7362.  We can discuss possibilities and price.  

Sincerely,  Yutaka Ai 別春庵